Iri Berkleid, Body abstracts, cellulose bactérienne séchée, 2021

Iri is interested in disruptive psychological mechanisms that she addresses from a personal and social point of view. She draws her inspiration from dreams, transformed memories, social interactions and personal experiences. With a surrealist influence and a kinship to artists exploring our contemporaneity from a biological and molecular view, Iri uses materiality (the physical properties of materials) as a starting point of investigation. For her sculptural, installation and video works, she manipulates a large range of materials, from the synthetic to the mineral, the organic to the vegetal, both dead and living bodies.

In 2015-2016, Iri worked as a contemporary opera producer for composers, dancers and set designers. Since that experience, Iri projects her works in immersive settings, often asking performers to activate the objects or the atmospheres she creates.

Iri has previously worked as a mediator after her law degree in Paris, for which she also studied conflict resolution in Israel. This influenced her awareness of power relations, social structures, and conflict dynamics. Her art addresses these issues by creating experiences of communion transcending cultural, psychological and physical barriers.