“A powerful and unconscious link has been developed in my life between the HIV virus I live with and the figure of the reverse side of time in cinema.
With a vijing turntable, live, I make a film of the questions that AIDS and the reverse side of time address to my life, my homosexuality, my memory, my desires and my political anger.
It is less an attempt at an autobiographical narrative, it is less about stumbling on the unspeakable of the 90’s that I can only recapture at the distance of the ghosts, than it is about moving forward again, again, with a need for reparation, for creation, that is impossible to satiate.
The revolution of cinema does not consist in reproducing time but in reversing time, illness and death. There is nothing abstract about it, but something experienced through a profusion of film extracts where the matter of time is reversed. The ever-changing meanings of the reverse side of time, how do they affect HIV as an epidemic of meaning, which has infiltrated the entire social body? ”
Paul-Emmanuel Odin is an artist whose life with HIV over the past 30 years has been intertwined with a passion for the reverse side of time in film. He has created the installation L’oubli, various performances such as Démolition d’un mur, Lire et manger le livre, Le temps maudit…