The Soft Protest Digest focuses its research on the history of food, agriculture and the social and political connections that constitute a food culture. The collective believes in using storytelling as a means to create or adapt food traditions, recipes and ways of eating that take into account the cultural heritage and emotional connections between the eaters and the local gastronomy, in a quest for food resilience.
Gufo wanted to meet the members of this collective in order to explore the dietary needs of The Soft Protest Digest. And then, very quickly, an intrigue was created around the name of this collective: what is a soft protest? What are the links with food? Can we gently protest? That is, without frustration or violence? The name echoed an edition whose title I printed some time ago, it is “Radical Softness as a Boundless Form of Resistance “*. Can we associate softness, resistance, radicality and food?
Gufo invites you to read our rambling conversations, but above all to imagine shared banquets where joy and full bellies will be the witnesses of our soft revolts.
*Gender Fail, 2020