During their residency, Souci du drame organised a listening session followed by a conversation with Data Rhei, the social research and development unit.

“Following our collaboration with Data Rhei as part of the Jena Situation cycle – a cycle that looks at potential re-actualisations of early German Romanticism – we invite them to a discussion around collective practices and our relationship to affect.
This exchange will be nourished by texts, written and chosen individually, then discussed collectively. This will be followed by a listening session “The sound of concern”, a musical moodboard that will inspire the sound production of the performance under construction, which will take place on the 29th at SOMA. ”

“Can Romanticism offer a third way that is still partly unexplored? This, considering the symbol as a way of access to the infinite, proposes a vision complementary to that of historical materialism. By choosing this exploration, we want to leave room for immanence, for a combination of utopias, partial and imperfect.”